Laura Lacombe

Experience:7 Years


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Laura Lacombe

Group Fitness Instructor


Hi! I’m Laura LaCombe.
I have enjoyed fitness all my life. I was a high school athlete- tennis and softball . After getting my degree in Radiation Therapy, I met my husband Mike while working in downtown Chicago. He was a runner and Ironman so naturally I got into running. I enjoyed being a part of the running group as much as (or more than) the actual running and completed three marathons, several 1/2 marathons, and a few sprint triathlons.  At the time we were living in Chicago. We had two children, Matt and George, and decided to move to our family to Upstate New York (Mike grew up in Dewitt).  I’m still a Chicago girl, truth be told, but I do love it here too.  To make the adjustment of the move easier for the family, I decided to take a career break.  I started working out intensely on a daily basis and started a second chapter of my athletic life.
Since I was really enjoying working out, I decided to become a certified personal trainer. I obtained an ACE Personal and Group Training Certification and a Level One TRX training certification.  I am also a Certified CardioTennis Instructor, and have taught this blend of tennis drills and fitness training at several tennis centers in the region.
Honestly, Evolution Fitness is my “happy place”. I describe it to my clients as peaceful and intense at the same time!   It’s a beautiful facility. I’m not just a trainer at Evolution; you will often see me and Mike at classes taught by all of the other instructors. I love all of our trainers and enjoy the group fitness setting.  Our sons Matt (17) and George (15) are both hoping to play lacrosse at the college level; they train at Evolution as well.
You can’t out train a bad diet.  I learned through experience that fitness and nutrition go hand in hand.  Until recently, I thought I ate well, “clean eating”, as they say. I tried vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, but I could never shed those last few pounds. Three years ago I found FoodFuels, a healthy weight loss program. Between my fitness routine and my healthy diet plan, I have been able to maintain goal weight with ease.  Apart from my personal training work,  I am also a FoodFuels weight loss coach and help others achieve their healthy weight goals.
 Come try-out a class or a personal training session, I would love to meet you!


ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Group Fitness Instructor
Level I TRX Instructor