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AFTER the Holidays, AFTER winter, AFTER getting off track…it’s time to BURN those unwanted calories off again.  AFTERBURN is a 6-week body transformation program built not only to provide you with intense weight-changing workouts but to also provide you with the nutrition and mindset to reach your goals. Three 60 minute workouts each week will include a wide variety of cardio, core, balance and weight training.  Our professionals will provide you with a clean eating shopping list and weekly analysis of your completed food log to keep you accountable.  If you’re looking to burn off some unwanted calories before Spring, AFTERBURN is the program for you!!

Time frame

Afterburn is currently running and the next session is being planned.  Please check back regularly for updates or call Tyler at 315-956-2299 for details.


A simple but strict structure that works! Custom tailored to your liking and personal situation.


These sessions will be one hour in duration and will provide you with the perfect mix of cardio, core and weight training.


Participants will receive unlimited access to all of our Bootcamp classes AND unlimited access to all of our Spin classes.

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Why Evolution Fitness

Our Facility

Located at Hadley’s LLC property in Jamesville, NY, our setting makes for a unique indoor/outdoor experience. The property is set up for you to get the most out of each and every workout.

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Our staff of professionals is as committed to you making a transformation as you are! From total body, structured workouts, to a sound nutritional plan of attack, to weekly weigh-ins and daily accountability…..we will be dialed in TOGETHER to make this change with you.

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