Disinfecting and Cleaning Practices

I’ve been answering a lot of questions recently regarding our cleaning procedures, so I thought it would be a good idea to discuss them here.

As anyone who has already been to the facility can testify, Evolution Fitness has always been an impeccably clean facility.  We have a professional cleaning staff employed and equipment is regularly wiped down with disinfectants.  I have been conducting research on the best products to use during this pandemic and I was elated to find that the products we have been using in the past are on the most recent list of NY State registered disinfectants based on EPA List most recently published on July 17th 2020.  These products include:

  • Mediclean germicidal cleaner concentrate EPA registration #70385-6
  • PARA BC 100 EPA registration # 1839-86-38398
  • Morning Mist EPA registration #1839-169-70627

Not only do we use these products to wipe down the equipment and clean the facility, but we have also purchased a back pack spray system that produces a fine mist which envelopes everything that it is sprayed on.  This procedure is conducted multiple times every day to ensure proper sanitizing and disinfecting of all touch points, not just the high touch points.  It is literally used on everything from door handles, light switches, furniture, and cardio equipment to dumbbells, machines, racks and medicine balls.  If it’s in the facility, it gets cleaned several times every day!

It is more important than ever to maintain physical fitness levels.  Come see us at Evolution Fitness and we will provide an environment for you that is SAFE and fun to assist you in your fitness goals!

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