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Sport Performance

Sports performance programming provides pre-season, off-season and in-season programming to athletes of all ages. Professional, college, high school, middle school and, elementary athletes can pursue their goals in functional, performance-based sessions. These sessions address proper warm-up & injury prevention, mobility, strength, flexibility, and speed & agility training. Programs are available for individuals, small groups (2-6) […]

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Personal Coaching

Personal coaching provides undivided attention to an individual’s performance and/or fitness goals. Personal coaching sessions are used by individuals that prefer one-on-one attention while working toward their goals, or by those who are in need of coaching in specific areas in order to enhance their experience when participating in boot camp or semi-private coaching. Personal […]

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Bootcamp is a large group program (10-24) designed to provide general program design to a larger group in a high-energy atmosphere. Class format varies by instructor and provides a variety of different training methods and equipment to enhance strength, flexibility, and coordination. This reasonably priced program makes training with a qualified coach available to virtually […]

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